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The Costich Group

How a business handles their technology, data and process will shape the future and ultimately determine survival.   Successful evolution is not a onetime event but a dynamic process.  THE COSTICH GROUP takes a broadband and integrated approach to coordinate people, processes and technologies creating smart synergies for success.  

At THE COSTICH GROUP, we help organization:

  • Navigate through a digital transformation journey creating synergies with the people (culture and clients), processes and digital technologies to build a business excellence foundation and framework  

  • Execute effective organization-wide digital transformation initiatives

  • Facilitate a tailored approach creating and executing  strategic and tactical plans

  • Bridge the gap between resources available and resources needed to successfully transform an organization striving for immediate and and long term excellence

  • Promote a culture of continuous improvement, lower cost of poor quality, improve efficiencies and boost revenues and profits

  • MWBE Certified (pending)

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Therese Costich
President and Managing Partner

Therese Costich, President and Managing Partner of THE COSTICH GROUP, has spent more than 25 years in the Digital Transformation world.  Therese has a has a unique approach in integrating teams, process and technology to create efficiencies for business’ large and small.  She has experience implementing Lean Six Sigma strategies  with teams ranging from C-suite  executives to  front line associates, for business’ including  Fortune 500 companies.  Therese’s expertise with operational excellence, business analytics and digital transformation has guided organizations to be leaders in their industry while sustaining continuous improvement.  Therese has helped organizations thrive in global competitive markets using an digital operational excellence framework that has increased their customer and employee satisfaction, product and service quality, financial efficiencies and reduced costs via strategic and tactical process improvements.

Therese was the project manager and co-author for the first edition of The Black Belt Memory Jogger - A Pocket Guide for Six Sigma Success published by Goal/QPC.  She is also the author of Excelling on a Digital Transformation Journey - A field guide that will help you define your success published by Quality Press and available in January 2021.

Therese is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS Microelectronic Engineering and University of Rochester with a MBA in Finance and International Business.

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